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 We are currently seeking sponsors for our upcoming workshops, events, and photo shoots. If you would like to receive corporate marketing services from Model Mafia Empire and its affiliates in exchange for your generous donations please contact us and someone from the Model Mafia Empire staff will contact you within 24 hours of receipt. 

Thanks in advance for your consideration of being a part of our growth and training.

Established in 2008, Model Mafia brought something new and fresh to the scene by providing models with a platform to excel in their chosen careers and helping them to advance in reaching their professional goals. By 2010, MME had launched Mafia Media, an intimate media department showcasing talent which instantly expanded internationally to feature aspiring and established models alike. The majority of models featured here went on to become successful business owners. MME attracted so much attention with this business endeavor, onlookers became clients wanting to book talent for their projects. MME decided to add another tier to the ever expanding tower offering management to aspiring models successfully placing them in music videos, magazines, and online features as well as building portfolios, establishing their brands, etc. For these efforts, MME and their models have been nominated for countless entertainment awards over the years - including a mafia model bringing home her trophy. Now Model Mafia Entertainment has decided to re-brand itself as Model Mafia Empire becoming the Power Source to the Entertainment Industry.

      Here on the Model Mafia Empire Social Network site we encourage to get familiar with our brand. So take a look into our revolutionized world and if you find yourself fitting in more than you were expecting, then apply for the position and become a part of the foundation that supports the empire.

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