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Please email [email protected] with information about the brand you'd wish to advertise and let's make a suitable ad for you at a non traditional low price.

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Submit your favorite topic to write about along with an original writing sample to [email protected] 

Please include your name, location, contact information, and your goals in the body of your email.

Subject: MMG Contributing Writer-YOUR NAME

Applicants that do not follow instructions will not be considered.

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Mafia Models are exclusively represented by Model Mafia Empire. Mafia Models receive such services as talent and brand development, portfolio, talent submissions, and audition info.

Our talent application is located online and can be accessed via computer or phone. There is NO application fee. Please be prepared to submit photos when filling out the application.

Becoming a Mafia Model

Please fill out a talent application to be considered for upcoming work with the Mafia Models. Click on the talent application tab and don't forget to submit photos ASAP.

You are welcomed and encouraged to apply every 3 months.

Last updated: 5.31.16

If you are  Hairstylist and/or Hair Distributor  and you'd like to sponsor the Model Mafia Empire team and/or models in part or full, please email [email protected] or [email protected] with what you are offering and someone will contact you within 24-48 hours with a response and how a sponsorship can enhance your business.

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