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When booking Mafia Models, please be very descriptive about the details of your project and your expectation of delivery. We specialize in satisfied clients. To book, please send an email to [email protected] or call 901.308.MME8 during business hours. Text are welcomed. Our models are always available for charitable events. Please consider partnering with us for a cause.

Booking Policies & Procedures

Day Rate: A day is considered 8 consecutive hours between 9am-6pm. Any hours prior or exceeding these times are overtime. Clients will be charged accordingly.

Half Day Rate: 4 Consecutive Hours

Hourly: There is a 2 hour minimum on all bookings.

Tentative: All tentative bookings must be confirmed or cancelled at least 24 hours prior to call time. If not. the agency reserves the right to cancel the booking. This booking may also carry a holding deposit. Please note that confirmed booking take precedence. 

Weather Permit: Client must specify at the time of booking if weather permit is requested. Otherwise, cancellation will result in full fee being charged.

Usage:  These are limited and/or specific rights granted at the time of booking. Any changes in terms MUST be negotiated with agency.

Releases: No release is to be signed without agency consent. Any release signed by talent without agency consent will be rendered null and void.

Internet Usage:  All internet usage is subject to agreement between agency and respective client.

Service Fee: Each booking carries an additional service fee.

Thank you for viewing our policies. You will find that our policies ensure that our clients receive only the best talent and service from everyone here at Model Mafia Empire. Please continue to book with us.

Event Planning Services

Let us plan and promote your event. Our partners allow us to have a competitive edge when it comes to creating the perfect event for you. We can cater for all sizes and provide everything you need from sound, DJ, lightshow, mics and more. We'll even staff your event. So let Model Mafia Empire help you build yours.

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